Super Bowl Party Game and Prize Ideas: Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

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UPDATE: I’ve posted updated versions of the Super Bowl commercial bingo cards for Super Bowl XLIX, perfect for your 2015 Super Bowl Party! Download them from this post

Last week I shared a fun game for the kids to play during the Super Bowl, and today I’m sharing a fun Super Bowl party game for the adults and specifically people like me who mostly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. This Super Bowl Commercial Bingo makes watching the big game fun for even the guests who aren’t the least bit interested in the actual football game.

Bingo card large

I made the game even more fun by creating bingo prizes for the winners using Rubbermaid containers and Sharpies that I picked up at Target.

Creating these containers is so simple and makes the bingo prizes more fun than just giving people something in a gift bag. The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase some Rubbermaid containers and Sharpies. Lucky for you Target is having a promotion starting on January 25th where you can get a coupon for $1 off any Rubbermaid food storage and $1 off a Sharpie 4-pack of larger. All you need to do is text the word COUPONS to TARGET and in return you’ll be sent mobile coupons on your phone so no more forgetting coupons at home.

While you’re at Target, make sure to pick up some football themed goodies to put in your Rubbermaid food storage containers.

In addition to the Rubbermaid food storage containers and Sharpies, you’ll either need to buy stencil letters or create a stencil using your Silhouette like I did. I chose a number of different words that were either Super Bowl or bingo related like super, bingo, prize, score, and winner.

I cut the words out with my Silhouette and taped each individual word onto the front of one of the Rubbermaid containers. Make sure to tape the words on tightly to keep the Sharpie from bleeding into the other letters.


Once the letters are taped on, use the Sharpies to color in the letters. I used blue and green to match this year’s Super Bowl logo. After you’ve colored in the words, leave the stencils taped on for a couple of minutes to make sure the marker dries before peeling it off carefully.

And that’s it; now all you have to do is fill your custom containers with the football goodies you bought at Target earlier.

Want to play this Super Bowl commercial bingo at your party? I’ve created 28 different cards that you can download and print for free by clicking on the image below. This document also includes a couple of blank cards that you can use to create additional ones if 28 isn’t enough.

<<Download Free Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards>>

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

To play, all you have to do is have each of your guests pick a card and then cover a space when they see a commercial for that brand (e.g., M&Ms) or if they see the item in a commercial (e.g., a baby). The first guests to get bingos win their choice of your custom #RubbermaidSharpie bingo prizes.

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    Commercial bingo!? That sounds so fun! Usually I only watch for the commercials, but this year my team is playing so I guess I will enjoy all of it! Thanks Britni!

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    I love this idea. I am hosting an Oscar Party in March and was thinking of an Oscar Bingo. I love the idea of prizes in Tupperware containers. Something they could take home and reuse. Thanks for sharing!


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