Easy Valentine’s Day Craft: Twine Hearts

If you hadn’t noticed from my popcorn jars or treat baskets, I am a little obsessed with baking twine these days. Every time it’s on Pick Your Plum (affiliate link) I buy some no matter what color, that’s how much I love it. I finally took stock the other day and realized that I had four huge spools of red twine, all brand new. Oops. Anyway, because I have so much of it I decided to try and use it for something other than tying up treat bags and party favors. I saw the idea to make twine covered snowmen in one of my monthly magazines and thought, why not do the same thing but make a heart? And so I did and let me tell you, easiest craft ever. Okay maybe not easiest ever, but very easy.


I am so excited to be sharing my baking twine hearts as part of the 14 Days of Valentines, being hosted by A Princess and Her Cowboys. Make sure, after you’ve read my post, to go check out all of the cute Valentine’s Day ideas over there.

Make Your Own Twine HeartsĀ 

Like I said, these twine hearts are really simple. In fact, they only take four things to make and if you have twine on hand, I know you have the other three.


  • Baking twine
  • Paper (I used old catalogs)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Easy DIY baking twine hearts from playpartypin.com #crafts #tutorial #ValentinesDay


Step 1 – Crumple up pieces of paper and tape together to form balls. You will need three paper balls for each heart.
Easy DIY baking twine hearts from playpartypin.com #crafts #tutorial #ValentinesDay

Step 2 – Tape the three balls together to form a heart shape. Make sure to put the two balls on sides that are closest to each other, not opposite.

Easy DIY baking twine hearts from playpartypin.com #crafts #tutorial #ValentinesDay

Step 3 – Tape the end of the twine to the paper heart then just start winding the twine around the heart. I don’t have any tips for this portion other than holding the twine tight onto the ball as you go or else it will slip off. There is no right or wrong way to wind the twine, I think the imperfection of the whole thing is what makes it so cute.

Easy DIY baking twine hearts from playpartypin.com #crafts #tutorial #ValentinesDay

Step 4 – Once the entire heart is covered, cut the twine and either tape or glue the end of the twine to the heart. After Valentine’s Day you can unwind the heart and use the baking twine for another fun craft. Or save them for next year’s decorations.

Easy DIY baking twine hearts from playpartypin.com #crafts #tutorial #ValentinesDay

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